The Phoenix Line tray revolutionises the tray design through the following characteristics:

304 stainless steel (1.4301 equivalent) with 1.0 mm thickness
Closing system
T-Clean System©
Corners Material : TPE (TermoPlastElastomer)
Colours : blue, green, orange, red
TPE (as part of the corner)
Weight (empty)
Base 1/1 DIN H3.0” : 1.75 kg
Lid 1/1 DIN : 0.90 kg

phoenix line fermeture

Existing models

Reference Description Dimensions (mm)
INO-0081 Base 1/1 DIN H45 506 x 232 x 45
INO-0082 Base 1/1 DIN H66 506 x 232 x 66
INO-0089 Lid 1/1 DIN 243 x 243
INO-0011 Small base H66 380 x 160 x 66
INO-0012 Small base H45 380 x 160 x 45
INO-0014 Small Lid 510 x 236
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